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Splash. Dip. Enjoy!

Add a festival of fun and flavor to your next meal. Our unique products will infuse any dish with zest and excitement. Locally owned and operated, our products are available anytime. Find us at a friend’s Tasting Social, a favorite coffee shop or boutique. We’ll go anywhere to share the celebration of flavors found in our unique olive oils and balsamic vinegars

A Healthy Choice

Olive oils contains monounsaturated fatty acids; a healthy fat. Studies show this type of fat helps lower the risk of heart disease and also helps control blood sugar fluctuations when used in moderation. Balsamic vinegar is rich with antioxidants that protect the body from heart disease and some forms of cancer. It’s also been shown to boost the body’s immune system and aid in digestion.


Mobile Boutique

Whether it’s a coffee shop, sweet shop, jewelry boutique or hair salon, we’re ready to share our delicious products. We don’t need much space; we can deliver a lot of flavor in a small area. Offer your customers the opportunity to taste quality olive oils and balsamic vinegars; it’s another way to give extra value to your customers and invite new ones in to browse and taste.

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Meet Sassy

My name is Liz Fuselier and I'm passionate about flavor! I believe creating great food is all about trying new things, experimenting and transforming a dish into your own savory creation. View my appearance on KPLC TV Midday Broadcast to learn more.


Sassy Oil & Vinegar olive oils are imported from the best olive regions around the world and flavor-infused to the very last drop. Our balsamic vinegars are imported from Italy and aged for 12-18 years for optimum flavor.


I continuously renew and rotate my oil and vinegar inventory to provide my clients the freshest products possible. I also supply unique flavors to chefs, restaurants and culinary schools, and can special order in bulk if necessary. Delivery is available for most orders within Lake Charles and surrounding areas.


Contact me anytime to schedule a tasting social so you can try before you buy! I'd love to hear from you.